Board Membership

The District's nine-member Board of Trustees provides ongoing financial and strategic oversight and direction to advance the mission of NWWSD.  In support of their responsibilities, the Board will ensure that personnel, processes, and an organizational structure are in place within both the Board and senior management to carry out the goals of the organization. The Board will foster appropriate communication and interaction with management, the community, and various governmental entities to ensure that the mission of NWWSD is successful.

 It is desirable for members of the Board of Trustees to

  • Have working knowledge of the industry
  • Offer appropriate government or business experience
  • Have a demonstrated level of business financial acumen
  • Be a resident of the district
  • Not be an elected official
  • Be available for routine board meetings (2 per month) during the work day
  • Serve on committees and be available to attend committee meetings (2-3 per month) during the work day
  • Be available during daytime for occasional tours, projects, etc.
  • Be willing to participate in BOT education programs
  • Exhibit strong communication skills, be a proactive contributor of ideas, and be a critical thinker
  • Be able to provide leadership and direction for the District
  • Actively promote the activities of the District in the community
  • Be capable of working as a member of the Board of Trustees team
  • Be conversant with technology & modern communication devices

If you are interested in serving on the District's Board of Trustees, the following links will be helpful:
     Board brochure
     Board bylaws
     Board member application

For more information, please contact the District's President, Jerry Greiner, at (419) 354-9090, extension 194.