Bulk Water Stations


Northwestern Water & Sewer District understands the need for quality potable water in the rural areas of Wood County beyond the reach of existing water lines. To help fill this need, The District has installed a number of bulk water stations throughout the county where customers can purchase water in quantities large enough to fill tanks or cisterns. 

The bulk water station at The District main office is closed for the season.  All other bulk water stations remain open.

To find a location near you, please refer to this map of bulk water stations.


Water from our bulk water stations is safe for personal uses such as filling pools, filling cisterns.  It is also available for commercial and agricultural use. The water stations employ modern technology and safe equipment such as backflow prevention devices to protect against contamination during filling and loading.


Each bulk water dispensing site has been chosen to provide safe access for large trucks and trailers. The driveway at each site is designed to handle farm trucks, trailers, and tractor trailer tankers with plenty of driveway turning radius. 


Water costs $8.00 per 1,000 gallons purchased. Quantities less than 1,000 gallons will be billed at $8.00 per transaction.


Water is purchased from the bulk water stations using one of the District's plastic access cards.  Simple and easy to use, the card is similar to a bank's ATM card, with a PIN number to ensure safe, secure access. The same card can be used at all locations.

  • Your account will be billed monthly, with all bills due by the middle of the following month.
  • Accounts will be billed a late fee if paid past the due date.
  • A one-time set up fee of $8.00 per card will be billed the first month.

Contact our customer service office to set up your account and order your access card, 419-354-9090, option 2.  

Installation Requirements, PDF

Bulk Water Station Flyer, PDF (539 KB) 

Air Gap Specifications, PDF (44KB)

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Additional Photos of Above Ground & Building Installation, PDF (10 MB)

Air Gap Photos 6-10-2010 (211KB)