Project Information

If you are looking for information about establishing water and/or sewer connections to a proposed new development, making utility upgrades to an existing facility, need more information on The District's RFP/RFQ and Bid process, or just want to know about current projects in our service area, our Engineering Department can assist you.

We post all of our RFPs and RFQs online, and you can access them here.

There is also information about the bidding process, as well as a comprehensive list of big opening results available for download. 

Our current project information includes an interactive map to help you find projects underway throughout our service area. We also have an easy to use method for locating and downloading public records and documents relevant to each current project. 

If you have questions, or can't find the project information you are looking for, please contact our Engineering Department at 419.354.9090, ext. 152 for our Engineering Administrator, or ext. 174 for our Engineering Manager.