Construction update August 29, 2014

Every day Northwestern Water & Sewer District (NWWSD) oversees services for 15,000 customers across 413 miles of water pipe and 332 miles of sewer.  The following is an update regarding the latest weekly construction projects:

  • Hillside Drive sanitary sewer and waterline replacement
    • Installation of waterlines and sewer is complete. Residents can begin to have their contractors make connections to the sanitary sewer. Contact NWWSD prior to starting the work.
    • Water services are reconnected to new water line. Residents should contact engineering at NWWSD with questions related to water system changes and sanitary sewer lateral reconnections.
    • Coordination with City of Rossford for the final replacement of the road by the city is under way. Final restoration to be completed after Rossford storm sewer and road work is finished.
  • Colony Area sanitary sewer rehabilitation
    • Construction began on Riverside Drive and continues for the next few weeks. Traffic will be maintained.
    • After Riverside Drive is completed, the contractor will continue on Forest Drive to Colony Drive.
    • Occasional reduced sewage usage when the contractor is installing new pipe in an area may be required. This should be for four to eight hours. Contractor will notify residents ahead of time.
    • Contractor will be working in the entire neighborhood for the next four to five months. Privately-owned items within the road right-of-way may be damaged and should be removed ahead of time. Residents should note when the contractor is nearing property for coordination. 
  • River Road phase two water line replacement, Rossford and Perrysburg Township
    • Main water line installation is about 90 percent complete. Water service reconnections and restoration are taking place in various areas where the water line has been installed and tested.
    • A significant portion of restoration has been done.
    • One lane closure will continue on River Road while construction proceeds.
    • Occasional temporary water shutoffs will occur. Notifications will be placed at each residence prior to shutoffs. Work will continue for one month or more.
  • Jennings Road pump station
    • Construction starts in early September. Work will involve construction of a new pump station in the park and partial removal and abandonment of the existing pump station near the end of Jennings. Work is scheduled to begin after the Labor Day weekend.
  • Ampoint sanitary sewer replacement, Perrysburg Township
    • Project under way. Work taking place throughout Ampoint Industrial Park with construction traffic on Third and J streets and other areas. Sanitary sewer construction expected to be complete in August. Traffic and service disruptions should be minimal and temporary. Restoration of streets, drives and yards will be ongoing.
  • Hufford Road waterline replacement, Perrysburg Township
    • Replacement of existing water line on Hufford Road between River and Avenue roads. Work will continue for several months.
    • Local traffic will be maintained. Occasional temporary water shutoffs will be scheduled ahead of time and notifications will be made.
    • Water line is being tested. Upon completion of successful tests, water services will begin to be moved to the new water line.
    • Shut off of services will take place for brief periods of time. Look for notification or contact the district for information.
    • Residents have been sent a letter with information regarding the new water line and the impact on their system.

As always, real-time construction updates and subsequent road closures are provided on NWWSD’s Twitter page at  @EmilyPostsNWWSD.