No SSOs reported after Wednesday's rain

Northwest Ohio received between 2 – 4 inches of rain yesterday in less than 15 hours time frame. While we were happy for the rain, that intensity generally overloads our sanitary sewer system with extreme amounts of storm water. Many times, we have to “bypass” pump our sanitary system in these situations to avoid sewer backups and property damage as the sanitary systems are not designed for that much infiltration from rain. 

After many years of effort in many communities and many expenditures to correct the infiltration and inflow, we had NO reports of sanitary sewer overflows. This means, we had no possible contamination of combined sewer and storm flows into the area rivers and streams and no property damages. 

It tells us the expenditure of funds have gone a long way to solving these problems and we are making a difference in protecting the environment! 

We still have a lot to do going forward, but situations like this prove we are on the right track!

Jerry Greiner