More Talk on Regional Water Studies

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  • TMACOG’s study looked at Toledo’s water facilities for the region, estimating both capital costs and rates for the next 40 years.
  • Sylvania’s study looked at leaving Toledo’s system and building a new water treatment plant and intake for use by Sylvania and southern Monroe (MI) county areas.
  • Wood County Economic Development Commission’s (WCEDC) study looked at options for the City of Bowling Green to sell excess capacity to the cities of Perrysburg and Maumee and well as our District (which would resell this water to citizens in Rossford, Walbridge, parts of Northwood, and areas of Perrysburg Township, Lake Township and Troy Township).

All 3 of these regional water studies can be found on the District’s website at

What does this all mean?

These 3 studies offer 3 very different approaches to serving the water needs of the region. In addition to the areas above, Toledo water is currently also used in other areas such as:

  • Lucas Countyblog-map
  • Whitehouse
  • Fulton County

Currently, approximately 50% of the water use from Toledo’s water plant comes from inside Toledo’s corporate limits and 50% is consumed outside of Toledo in those other areas such as Sylvania, Wood County, Rossford, etc. It is expected that the percentage of “outside areas” use will only increase as each year goes by.

Overall the region’s water demand is nearly the same as it was 10 years ago reflecting less use, more conservation, and more efficient water systems.

Talks between the region’s water buyers and the sellers continue almost weekly over long-term costs, rate increases, and other contractual issues.

Several of the larger users of Toledo’s water have contracts expiring as early as 2024. Because of the time needed to plan and build new facilities or expand old ones, it is by no means too early for all these entities to meet, talk, and plan for the future.