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Sunday, May 7, 2017


Northwestern Water and Sewer Gets New Logo, Tagline
The District introduces new branding that reflects growth and accountability

BOWLING GREEN, Ohio – Northwestern Water and Sewer District (The District) has unveiled a new logo, marking a dramatic change to its visual identity. The District has also introduced its first official tagline.

The newly designed logo features a two-color water drop with crisscrossing lines that visually represent The District’s water and sewer infrastructure. It’s text formatting gives prominence to “The District,” a phrase commonly used by employees and customers to condense the organization’s name. Whereas the previous logo’s background included an Ohio silhouette, its absence better reflects The District’s growth beyond its regional borders.

“We needed a contemporary logo that symbolizes the organization’s modern infrastructure and bold initiatives,” said Theresa Pollick, The District’s public information officer. “We’ve kept the water drop—which reflects our history—while adding modern design elements that represent a forward thinking mindset.”

The new tagline, “Responsible for every drop,” speaks to The District’s fiscal and environmental stewardship.

“We wanted a slogan that represents both aspects of The District’s work: taking water from the environment and returning reclaimed water to its source,” said The District’s president, Jerry Greiner. “But, most importantly, the tagline had to stand for the commitment of our highly trained, skill workers, who continually set the standard in delivering safe, clean water to our customers.”


Our goal is to be the premier water and wastewater provider in Northwestern Ohio. We are committed to sound financial management, responsible environmental stewardship, responsive public service, superior customer service, and responsible economic growth.  We strive to field a skilled, respectful, and cooperative workforce dedicated to the highest professional and ethical standards; we support them with appropriate training and technology.

Contact: Jerry Greiner, President; 419-354-9090 x194; 419-654-9941 Cell;

Theresa Pollick, Office: 419.354.9090 X 139, Cell: 419.806.1018; Email:

Responsible for every drop.