BLOG - Water Talks January 2018

District President Jerry Greiner shares the inside story on water & sewer in his blog, THE LEAK.

Regional Water Issues

The regional water discussions are getting more involved.  The Toledo Area Water Authority (TAWA) and the Wood County Economic Development Commission’s Phase II water study are both bringing regional utility providers to meet, discuss options and review the benefits of each.

For Example…


After almost 12 months of meetings, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has evolved that meets most participant’s agreement.  Obviously, there are some items that still need to attention, but the 9 political entities involved are invited to sign it for public release on Wednesday, January 31st at 10:00 am. If this is done, all governments will have until March 15th to decide whether they will join, which would start the study and petition the court to form a regional government to own and operate the water treatment plant.

WCEDC Phase I & II Studies

Wood County, on the whole has looked at long-term regional water options too, especially for the population dense northern end of the county.  These two studies have identified options in Phase I and further defined the options and routes along with preliminary cost estimates in Phase II.  The studies help to further identify realistic options with costs for comparison.

A Public Meeting to Share

I’m meeting with the District’s board to set-up a public information meeting during February to share the info for these two options.

If you can't wait for the summary, a link to all of the water studies, click here!

Stay alert to more information about the meetings!

Jerry Greiner