Regional Water Discussions

Blog from the President of the Northwestern Water & Sewer District, Jerry Greiner.  

APRIL 10, 2018
Toledo's willingness to form a regional water organization has waned. Over the past several weeks, they have hosted various public meetings to discuss the idea with little city council support.

As a result, the other members of the proposed Toledo Area Water Authority (TAWA) have had some discussion about forming a regional organization without Toledo. However, the incentive and strategy to do this is still being discussed.

Nevertheless, the full TAWA group is meeting again Friday, April 27. Even though the agenda is yet to be posted, a continuing interest remains to meet to discuss ideas and options. Judging by recent newspaper articles, Toledo may have a proposal of their own to offer. 

For three of the members, the clock is ticking on their expiring contracts in 2024. They may have other options, and if so, those talks continue too!  Thus it’s a busy-not-busy time right now in the region discussing long-term water options.

Jerry Greiner


April 10, 2018