Backflow Prevention

People rely on safe, pure water every day. We assume that when we open our faucets we will receive water that is clean and free of contamination. Backflow prevention protects the public water supply by separating the private water lines inside homes and businesses from the public water system. If something goes wrong and the water inside a private home or business becomes contaminated, the backflow prevention assembly prevents the contamination from spreading to the entire water system. It is based on the principle of containment, a standard operating principle that ensures the safety of all of the water system’s customers.

The District's backflow prevention program includes an on-going process of investigation and on-site surveys to ensure that every connection to the public water system includes adequate safeguards. These investigations and surveys determine if actual or potential cross-connections could allow pollutants or contaminants to enter the general water supply. Specifically, the backflow prevention program ensures that our customers have the appropriate backflow assembly installed as determined by the degree of hazard. 

The following links contain further information regarding the District’s backflow program:

(Includes details for air gap separation & thermal expansion control)

Updated 07/10/2015