Sewer Tapping Procedures & Requirements

To obtain a sewer tapper license with Northwestern Water & Sewer District, interested parties must file a formal application and demonstrate basic knowledge of sewer tapping principles and regulations. Related forms and information are available through the links below.  All are in PDF format.

Sewer Tapper Information:

Information on Becoming a District Licensed Sewer Tapper

Sewer Tapping Procedures & Requirements

Sewer Tapper Application

Sewer Tapper Bond Form

Grinder Pump Details & Drawings

Inside Drop Manhole Sketch (Page 13)

Sanitary Sewer Lateral Detail

Grinder Pump Details & Drawings

Typical Installation Instructions & Warranty Information (1.5 MB)

Grinder Pump User Instructions

Sample Grinder Pump Easement

Updated 05/19/2016